Stock market return (10 year average)


Nakagava MMRP Strategy (10 year average)


Stock market 10y max drawdown


Nakagava MMRP Strategy max 10y drawdown

Why our strategies?

Simple rules

Complex systems, of their many variables, are fragile.


Our strategies are thoroughly and realistically tested through previous market crashes.

Protected from market crashes

Our strategies are hedged for the time of possible stock market crashes.

Timely updated

Our strategies will be timely updated if something fundamental changes.


Get it


  • share of the fund/company
  • 25%+/year average
  • we do everything for you
  • this entitles you to get 70% of your share of fund’s profits
  • 30% is a management fee, 25k USD is minimum government required day trading account, & $400 are one time legal expenses
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